Korihait won’t repeat the mistakes of the previous season

Korihait, the basketball team of Uusikaupunki, had a weak 2016 – 2017 season. Team Korihait maintained their place in the league through the qualifying rounds and the team had disappointments in the finances, too. The end of the season was funded by loan money. The newly elected chairman of Korihait Ville Laaksonen says that the mistakes won’t be repeated and the direction is upwards.

– Executive director had too big a responsibility of the finance and the management was not aware enough of the situation either. Management received information about the marketing plans and contacts but the number of the actual contracts was not clear. The time of the executive director was maybe consumed partially by the wrong things and this lead to problems during the season.

Korihait abandoned distribution activities which took a lot of time and was not as successful as it was back in the days. Now the organization will focus on only basketball and anything directly related to it.

The mistakes were made last year in forming the team. New contracts with the American players were made too fast because the team building should have started in a different way.

– But for example, we were pleased with the contribution of the Finnish players so some right decisions were also made. The continuation contract will be offered to all the Finnish players in the team. Hopefully as many as possible accepts the contract.
The building of the next season’s team will be started with the Finnish players first, the foreign players will be next. Also, the limit of foreign players allowed in a team is not yet decided. The captain of the team, Mikko Jalonen, will end his career very likely, but the team hopes he will stay as a part of the team in the future.

Summarized and translated by Ida